Leong Sze Hian has officially joined the People's Voice party as a Shadow Finance Minister. 

Leader of People's Voice, Lim Tean, announced this in a Facebook post yesterday. He was delighted that a finance veteran has joined forces with him to fight along the opposition. 

But first, what is a Shadow minister? The term "shadow" refers to someone with a political post but is not yet in Government. A group of Shadow Ministers can make up a Shadow Cabinet. This is mainly used when talking about the opposition.

Along with the good news, Lim Tean was in praises of Leong for his tireless efforts over the past 20 years and welcomed him to the political scene. He was certain that Leong will contribute a lot for the sake of Singaporeans.

Leong has, for many years, written pieces on Singapore's financial and labour market. He has been speaking out against the Government's lack of transparency. Some of his pet topics are on the CPF and Singapore's economic policies. 

According to Lim, Leong has provided financial counselling to many Singaporeans and have achieved much in helping them get back on their feet. 

Leong is also a defender of human rights, having been the President of MARUAH, a human rights organisation in Singapore. 

"Peoples Voice is the fastest growing political party in Singapore and we are attracting so many outstanding MP candidates from all walks of life . They come from the Creative industries, Finance and Securities, education etc. Our candidates never live in ivory towers. They live and work amongst ordinary Singaporeans, and are never dependent on the government for an iron rice bowl. We look forward to introducing them to you in the coming months."

The opposition in Singapore is slowly but surely growing. Let's hope it will bring good news.


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