IRVINS Salted Egg was shocked to hear that one of its customers found a dead lizard in a bag of chips. It assured people that it takes quality control very seriously.

"We really want to sincerely apologize to the customer and everyone who is affected by this incident directly or indirectly. We take full responsibility for the goods that we sell and everything in it. "

IRVINS does not have a full explanation as to why there was a dead lizard in one of its products, but it promised to get to the bottom of this and that it will not happen again. 

Customers who have any IRVINS product are discouraged from eating them if they are past the expiry date. Anyone who is uncomfortable eating their snacks can drop them an email for a refund. 

"This is a major blow to us, however we promise that we will fix this issue and continue to be an honest and responsible company to all of you. Rest assured that we are doing the best we could to serve our customers with the best quality & service nonetheless."

Will the salted egg lizard turn people away from them? Maybe not, but it does not change the fact that their quality control is miserable, given its emphasis on customers' safety.

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