The Tampines resident, who made the steps outside his ground floor HDB unit into a koi pond, suddenly found himself the centre of a storm, just because a netizen decided to take a photo of it and shared it online. Suddenly, the Tampines Town Council and the MP for the area took interest in it.

The thing is, this koi pond have been around for three years. And the Town Council and the MP didn't even know that it existed! Do you walk the grounds or not? Or MP Baey too busy updating his Instagram with his running photos?

And what's with this big hoo hah over whether they can keep the pond or not, the steps being public space and all that. Public space ah? So if strangers want to sit at those very steps at night to chi chat, the owner of the unit can't chase them away, right? The unit owner have no ownership over those stairs, remember?

Come on lah. We are already paying close to $300k-$400k on average for a HDB flat already, yet we don’t have the freedom to design our own house and it’s not like the owner’s fish tank is obstructing or creating any nuisance to the neighbours. In other countries, $200k can get a landed property or a land and the owners get to do anything they want. Yet our HDB only has 99 years and we can’t even do what we yearn for after slogging for years to pay for a small tiny unit that belongs to the government.

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