An Indian national, who was sharing a GrabShare ride with another woman, have been jailed for 12 days after he was found guilty of exposing his private parts to her while in the car. 

The 32 year old woman was sharing a ride with 36 year old Sheth Jimit Dhairyakant, when she noticed him behaving suspiciously. Moments later, the Indian national flashed his private parts at her. The ride from hell for the woman occurred on 26 October 2017 when the woman boarded the car from Marina bay Sands heading to Bedok North. Dhairyakant boarded the car about 10 minutes later at Cecil Street and sat at the rear passenger seat next to the woman. It was during this time that the woman noticed Dhairyakant keep pointing his mobile phone at her, and whenever she looked at him, he quickly pretended to be typing something on his phone. Subsequently, she heard shuffling noises beside her and she saw Dhairyakant exposing and touching his private parts. 

The woman immediately requested the driver to drop her off at a location beside the police station, where she made a report against Dhairyakant. Dhairyakant admitted subsequently that he became aroused after he saw what the woman was wearing. 

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