Orchard Road may have chickens but not pythons. It is not everyday that you see a 3m-long python appear in the middle of Orchard. According to some Facebook posts, the humongous snake was seen outside Marriott Tangs, hiding behind a dustbin. 

It is so strong, at least 4 pest control guys were needed to catch it. Onlookers were heard exclaiming while the python was trying to escape. One of the pest control guys got bitten and received immediate first aid. 

An onlooker said: "After the snake was properly secured and handled and no one got hurt, well except for the worker with a snake bite, and I can’t say as to what the extent of his injuries but the blood I saw on the floor was quite worrying for someone like me who is afraid of the sight of bloooood."

"A snake suddenly appearing in the heart of the city, near Marriot Hotel is a rare occurence. It is such a spectacle to me... Hope the snake will be back to where it belongs."

What an eventful day.


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