Day by day, Singapore is doing its utmost to shed its image as perfect. After a massive blackout hits the island state so soon after Singapore was branded a Perfect country, yet another blackout hits, this time affecting the shopping mall of Plaza Singapura.

Electricity was supposed to shut down as part of a scheduled maintenance after closing hours on Saturday night. However, while the power shut down was scheduled to happen, and power was supposed to be restored by 8 am on Sunday, the power did not return, and the new wing of the mall had no power and lights till about 2:30pm, and full air conditioning functions only returned to the mall at about 8:30pm. 

About 80 shops were affected by having no power, among them F&B outlets, Beauty and Wellness shops, and other retail shops. The loss of earning must have been substantial, for an almost whole day of inactivity due to no power in the mall.

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