Military Expert (ME2) Ivan Teo, and Third Sergeant (NS) Hubert Wah, will be charged in a military court in relation to the death of actor, Aloysius Pang. 

Teo will face three charges, including two charges for causing death by negligent act under Section 304A(b) of the Penal Code. Wah will face two charges, which also includes causing death by negligent act.

If convicted, a person found guilty of causing death by a negligent act may be jailed for up to two years, fined, or both.

Teo is a regular while Wah is an NSman like many other adult Singaporean men.

Accidents happen. However, when a live is lost because of negligence and disobeying of orders, action has to be taken against them.

Servicemen take a pledge of allegiance and promise to defend Singapore with their lives. 

With this development, there will be Singaporeans, young and old, who would question the need for NS.

As a regular, it is Teo's job to obey orders and provide the technical leadership, where required. If he didn't carry out his duty, he has to be taken to task for it.

However it is different for Wah's case.

Young men don't want their future to be taken away from them because of mistakes they made in NS.

Parents want to be protective of their precious children. Why should they send their children to defend the country?

They sacrifice time, money, and other resources to fulfil their duty but is it worth it?


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