A father was tickled to find out that many people are shocked for his decision to support his daughter for becoming a Chinese Muslim. Chinese Muslims aren't THAT rare in our multi racial country. But we know of many parents who will be against their children's decisions to change religions. 

However, not Jinghan's father. He also shared some wisdom on why he decided to support his daughter. This piece of wisdom is shared in Chinese:







Roughly translated:

“Because I understand life.
Because I understand the pursuit of happiness.

What’s the purpose of life? To seek happiness.

Different people find happiness in different things. Some in wealth, some in family, some in religion...

As parents, what do we want most? For our children to be happy.

Every religion teaches good.

If you were to tell me that this religion makes you happy, why should I stop you?”

At the end of the day, the father's sole concern was his daughter's happiness. We have a lot to learn from this father. Kudos to him!

You can read Jinghan's full post here:

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