Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry and Education Chee Hong Tat has come out strongly in Parliament against allegations by WP's Pritam Singh that the Merdeka Generation Package was rolled out to time perfectly with election cycle, saying that it was misleading to say so.

WP had indicated that ground feel was that there are many people who equated the Merdeka Generation Package was rolled out to give an unfair advantage to the ruling party, as the goodies are always rolled out just before an election period. Chee strongly retorted that this was politicking by the Opposition, whom he pointed pit had always asked for goodies to be handed out to Senior Citizens, but when they are rolled out, Chee said the opposition claim the move was an election tactic. 

No matter what both parties say, they always seem to be some sort of goodies handed out to sweeten the ground before an election cycle. This trend is noted by Singaporeans from every walk of life, no need for politicians to argue about this in Parliament. In fact, it is so accepted, that it has become a Singaporean way of life. Singaporeans know that the best time to get complaints attended to is just before an election period. 

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