Mdm Chan is a 89-year-old woman who collects cardboards to exercise get by. Despite the government's claim to help Singapore's Pioneer Generation, Mdm Chan struggles with the few dollars she has everyday. 

She only gets a mere $3 from each day of hard work. No matter how much she slogs, she cannot earn much as she is paid 6 to 10 cents per kilogram of cardboard. 

What's more, Mdm Chan is old and suffers from arthritis on her hands. Even if the government is providing help, it is not enough for Mdm Chan. Elderly Singaporeans have slogged all their lives and are entitled to comfortable lives after retirement. Mdm Chan should not have to struggle so much.

Why are the authorities not doing enough for poor elderly Singaporeans like her? Why are our pleas falling on deaf ears? What's the point of only giving out goodies when it is nearing The Special Occasion instead of doing more on a daily basis?

The government may think that they have our welfare at heart, but if they refuse to get out, talk to people, listen to their problems and do something about it, nothing will ever work however good their intentions are. Until the day when they bother to listen to us, we are well left to fend for ourselves.

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