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To Editors of Legit Singapore,

I just want to voice out the very obvious to me that nobody seems to be talking about. This racism problem that influencer Preetipls is involved in, I really feel it show off the High SES vs Low SES divide in Singapore. For myself and most of my colleagues (no pun intended), we cannot be bothered with this racism thing, everyday our work already so busy and tiring where have time to argue over this.

To me, its just another incident of the media doing something stupid and ignorant. As a minority living in Singapore, I think it is naive to expect the majority to go out of their way to be in my good graces. Even if I migrate to Australia or Canada, such feelings of being disadvantage sure still have one lah, we live in an unfair world, just look at Donald Trump now. 

Sorry I get distracted, my point is for us people in the labour jobs, we really only want to make money and help my family become better and have better live. I don't have time to get involve in this issue. 

Whereas I see those of my friends who very angry over this race problem, I say not all but majority, at least 80% of them are highly educated, go university study and have good jobs. They like things like go watch plays and enjoy more atas things in life. For me I just want to everyweek one time bring my children and wife to shopping mall restaurant eat once a week I happy already. 

I know race thing is important and we should not be too insensitive but really lah, this racism saga is important but not life and death. Live Malaysia live in Canada or Australia all the same one lah. When you are not the majority, you sure face some of this ignorant behaviour, is how we deal with it and take it on the chin. I am just super realistic of our situation.

I hate to say it but sometimes I feel privileged high ses people have alot of spare time on their hands. Can think of this problem that problem, like no need to make a good living one. I have to be honest, I am abit jealous of their lives, having enough till they no need worry about food on the table, can fhink of big issues to debate. Some have time to make police report against the video and others so free make police report against the e-pay advertisement. 

I feel as a minority and somemore as someone only have diploma, I really have no interest in talking big issues, I only have time to care for myself and my family. So sorry I am selfish. I have no time for this drama lah. 



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