NUS has came out with a statement on 22 April 2019. In their statement, they mentioned that they have a "second strike and you are out" policy for sexual misconducts. They explained that this is because they are a educational institution and they want to give their students a second chance.

For their first time offenders, they offenders would be given a range of different punishments but not immediate expulsion. However, if the offender is caught for a sexual misconduct OUTSIDE of campus, they would be immediately expelled. 

Why is there a difference between sexual misconduct inside and outside of campus? Is it because they have a better chance of covering up the incident if they are caught in campus? If they can give an immediate expulsion to offenders caught outside of campus, can't they do the same for those who were caught in campus?

Also, where is our minister of law at this time? Should he not be talking about this incident? Or is he too held up with coming up with things like the fake news bill? Is sexual misconduct not under his purview? Does this not affect the public? What if there are hundreds of these perverts out there? Will he only do something when there are more people out there who speaks up as victims?

This issue should have been dealt with swiftly. I hope that NUS will do something about it soon. Simply unacceptable from one of the best universities in the world.

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