I am non-smoker. I read with great concern regarding the investigation by NEA on the smoking situation at a Bedok flat.

Using cctvs to fight crime is not ideal. But if it keeps us safe, and crime rates are low, we won't argue against it. 

What the NEA doing is taking it too far. 12 offences recorded over 4 days is impressive but is there really a need for it? How is smoking a serious crime? 

It is unhealthy and non-smokijng Singaporeans should be protected. It does not justify the use of cctvs. 

Is there a persistent dangerous litter problem in the area? 

Then what about the homeowner? How can their interests be protected?

They may own the house but they may not have any power over visitors who smoke at the corridors or the staircase landings. When my friends or family visit me for Hari Raya, as long as they smoke in my house, I have no control over where else they choose to smoke. I should not be penalised because of them.

NEA must come out to address our concerns.


Fiz non-smoker

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