After many many years of school kids heading a football when playing in school during their PE time, during football training, during football matches and just during play time in general, some brain specialist have come up with a motherhood statement urging authorities to bar kids from heading a football as it may cause brain damage.

And this was picked up in a forum letter written to ST by a local parent, scared that his two lower primary school sons are in danger of brain damage, urging MOE to havev a blanket ban on heading a football. Decades of primary school kids have been heading a football, has there really been any one who sufferred brain damage? And now footballs are supposed to be lighter as well!

The parent who wrote this obviuously know nuts about football and the game itself. If he is so scared his sons get brain damaged, maybe he should just take his kids out of football, and let them play on their playstations instead, and become a wuss just like he is.

But then again, maybe this is true. This parent must have headed a football millions of times, for his brain is so damaged to even have suggested for MOE to ban heading a football. See who got brain damage now.

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