For many Singaporean students who just received their 'O' level results, they can finally heave a sigh of relief. The long wait is finally over. Unless you are the special 32 from Nan Hua High School and Hong Kah Secondary School (now Jurongville Secondary School) whose 'A' math exam scripts are missing. They were only briefed on the disappearance today even though the scripts were reported missing by the UK marker in Nov last year.

The overwhelming reaction to this is "!". This is the second time in a year that examination scripts belonging to Singaporean students have been reported missing and that is not acceptable.

Who in MOE will take responsibility for this matter? In many other countries, heads would have rolled for these lapses but in Singapore, people seem to be not as accountable for their oversight or errors.

Singapore is going full tilt into the digital age but we still haven't figured out a way to enable the markers to be able to safely and securely access the scripts, remotely and digitally. The MOE is supposed to inculcate the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in our students. When things get lost like this, it does not instill confidence.

This cannot happen again for the third time.


The writer, Kelvin, does not want to relieve his 'O' level nightmare.


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