What has our dear PM Lee shot off his mouth at this time? He says bilingual Chinese journalists from Lianhe Zaobao can serve as our window to Chinese culture in Singapore? Please lah, can stop deluding yourselves already. He and so many of the Elites who believe themselves superior just bcause they are bilingual in Chinese and English, and think they are so special? Stop kidding yourselves lah

There are literally millions of PRCs, Taiwanese, Hong Kong people, overseas Chinese, and even non-Chinese who are bilingual in English and Mandarin. Count them, they number in the millions. So stop deluding ourselves that we are special. You only think you are special, because you are actually delusional.

So stop being delusional, wake up from your sweet little dreams, and Ministers, please get your heads off the clouds and look around you. We are not special.

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