A local mother shared of her unpleasant experiences with SMRT this past Monday.

She and her husband were travelling on the MRT, with a stroller for their young baby.

The first incident occured at Dhoby Ghaut MRT when the stroller wheels were stuck in the gap between the platform and the train. There were saved from being in an even more frightful situation because a commuter helped them to dislodged the stroller wheels.

The second incident occured at Bedok MRT station. They did not realise that the lift's safety sensors were spoiled or missing. As they were pushing the stroller in, the lift doors closed in on the stroller and did not open back. It continued to close forcefully. 

They had no choice to push the stroller in and let go. 

The mother urged SMRT to recalibrate the time for the lift doors to open and close as they primarily serve people who are less able. She also asked SMRT to look at the state of the safety sensors on their lifts.

Her requests are not unreasonable. The safety of all commuters must not be taken lightly, be it on the trains, or any other parts of the stations, including the lifts and escalators.

When safety is a given, commuter satisfaction will greatly improve.

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