A note was published by one Shawn Lee, titled "The Underlying Message of the ‘19 National Day Rally Speech?" In the note, Lee managed to link Pinky's national day rally in Chinese in which he talked about the US-China tensions to how we need to be on guard against foreign influence.

In Lee's note, he claims that Pinky chose this time to talk about the tension due to 

"officials’ increasing fear of Chinese influence on the domestic population".

However, as I look over Pinky's talk, he mainly talked about how our economy might be affected down the road as well as our external relations with both China and US. In gist, Pinky wants to continue being friends with both countries so that we can continue to benefit from both countries.

Pinky only cares about his own safety and more importantly, MONEY. What underlying message is there???

Don't you feel that Lee is reading too much into it? It's like looking at a person walking into the toilet and thinking "HE MUST BE GOING TO THE TOILET TO TAKE A SHIT". But in actual fact, the person just wanted to wash his hands. Furthermore, does he really think that sinkies are so daft that they would not realise that they are being influenced? I mean come on, give us some credit here.

Now I do agree that we should be always on guard against foreign influence. I mean, who would want to be influenced to do something against their own will? But isn't it a little too far-fetched to raise alarms about foreign influence over a National Day Rally talking about our economy? As Mparader would say (hehe)

"He is like Don Quixote tilting at windmills"

While I get that Lee might want to wayang and get into the good books of the Men in White, but please stop stirring shit and scaring people for no reason.

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