A netizen shared how he stood up to a woman who was behaving rudely, and being plain racist, while on the MRT.

The netizen shared how the "working class" lady, who was seated, had held her nose after a young Indian/Bangladeshi male sat in the seat beside her.

When another person sitting next to the obnoxious woman alighted, the netizen sprung into action.

He sat beside the woman and did to her exactly what she did to the Indian/Bangladeshi gentleman. He held his nose while looking at her. When she asked him what was wrong, the netizen retorted that he was just bothered by the rancid smell of racists people.

Embarrassed, the woman left her seat in a huff, to the delight of the netizen and the Indian/Bangladeshi gentleman.

The moral of the story is don't be an obnoxious idiot.

We don't recommend that you confront a racist person like what the netizen did. If need be, call the police.

But stand up and support victims of racism. There is no room for racism and it should not be tolerated, even if comes in the form of passive aggresive gestures like what the woman did.

Don't let the racist minority get away with it.

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