The Lee dynasty dispute has released another episode today. In the previous episode, Lee Hsien Yang's wife, Lee Shuet Fern, was facing a lawsuit for drafting LKY's will despite her husband being a beneficiary.

Today, Lee Wei Ling revealed that she was not the only one responsible for preparing LKY's will. She claimed that Kwa Kim Li of the Lee & Lee law firm, who is also LHL's cousin, was involved in drafting the will as well even though she had denied as such.

"My dishonourable brother Loong has repeatedly alleged that my sister-in-law, Yang’s wife, prepared and somehow got our father to sign a will in December 2013... These are all falsehoods. KKL has been lying. She has also breached her duties to her client, my father."

Lee Wei Ling was against her brother, Lee Hsien Loong, for pushing the blame to Lee Shuet Fern alone. She disclosed that LKY had discussed the changes to his will "extensively" with KKL and showed proof of an email between the two parties. 

"The will my father signed on Tuesday 17 December 2013 reflected these prior discussions with his lawyer KKL. It was exactly what he wanted. It provided for equal shares for all the children, something he had agreed with our mother and all of us."


Now that more evidence is out against LHL, what will he do to dispel these claims? What is the truth and what is fake news? Will someone shed some light for Singaporeans? Or will they continue to waste public resources in trying to settle their childish family matters?

Enough is enough. Pretty sure Singaporeans are not looking forward to another episode of this long-drawn drama.

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