Many citizens have been questioning if Halimah Yacob is the right person to become Singapore's president when she was elected last year. Since then, everybody has been keeping a close eye on her actions. During the Kim-Trump summit, she was off promoting Milo. Recently, she was seen promoting Mickey Mouse. What has she done for our country? What is she doing to help the citizens of our country? A netizen gave some opinions on how she can actually help.

"Dear Madam President, 
Your slogan before becoming a president was :
Do good, do together.

But since you became one, all we saw was you endorsing milo and Mickey Mouse.

What happened to your promise? 
I do have a few suggestions, and I hope you will look into it.

Instead of people performing,and had the public laughing their heads off with the dance,which was painful to watch anyway... ask them to help clean up the less fortunates homes, ask them spend time with the old folks, talk to them. Suicide rates for old folks are up since your term, you know....

Money spend on NDP, use it to clean up rented flats, give homeless a home, all paid for.

Give the less fortunate a kopitiam card with enough to buy food everyday.

Give them NTUC voucher for daily groceries.

Dear madam president, this was your idea to begin with. But so far, we, the people of Singapore... Who didn't vote for you by the way , have not seen any of your promises honored...

Oh.. And while you are at it, do you mind to actually look into the books, which was what your job is supposed to be?

The people are really worried about the reserves and our CPF,you know?

Maybe you will like to go through the books instead of advertising for products for some company?

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed your million dollars house.

Aunty Debbie."

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