On her own Facebook post, Ho Ching, Wife of PM Lee who controls Temasek Holdings claims that without GIC, MAS and Temasek our taxes would have been raised long ago. 

Should we thank her for her "brilliance" and "contributions" to Singapore? I wonder why is it that even with the GIC, MAS and Temasek our GST is still going to rise to 9%. Or is 9% considered low to them? Are they only happy if our taxes get higher and higher each year until they hit ridiculous amounts? There are so many rumors of Temasek losing moneys in investments. Why can't she open up the books and be transparent to Singaporeans? If she claims that she is earning money, show us. It's not that hard.

Until then, to all of us, you people will always be the greedy pigs we think you are. Hope that we can put you bunch of people in your places in the upcoming GE. Singaporeans deserve better.


Editors note: Do you feel the same way as the author? Why are they always not transparent with us?

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