You can't miss it. It has been widely reported in the MSM. Christmas has come early for PAP. In the past, to manage the opposition, the PAP has taken opposition party members to court on charges of defamation. More often than not, due to the ensuing convictions, those opposition figures were unable to contest in the following parliamentary elections.

Now, Lim Tean, a founding member of the recently registered People's Voice Party, is the subject of a bankruptcy procedure initiated by a former business associate/client, Huang Min. Huang Min, who is based in Shanghai, alleged that Lim Tean had failed to repay a US$150,000 loan that was given to Lim Tean some time in 2013. According to Lim Tean, the money was a downpayment for iron ore supplied by Lim Tean.

This must be good news for the PAP. It's members does not have to spend time and money to go after a prominent opposition figure like.

For Singaporeans at least, this is definitely not news that you want to receive prior to Christmas.

The PAP has gone after alternative media platforms. Now, it seems like Lim Tean is facing the possibility of being disqualified for the upcoming general elections. This will be a blow for the opposition who want to ride on the wave of liberal optimism from the success of their counterparts in Malaysia to topple the dominant Barisan Nasional coalition.

As it stands, the reality is, the opposition slate is very limited in terms of the quality of the candidates that may contest. The situation is improving. More qualified people are stepping forward. However, the fear is that no enough will step forward in time for the upcoming elections. For the People's Voice Party, it could be severely destabilising to have to contest without their leader.

For Singaporeans, we continue in hope that more capable and suitable candidates can put themselves forward, in service of their constituents, and in Singaporeans at large.


The writer, Kelvin, is optimistic.



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