The next parliamentary elections are just around the corner. Everyone's getting excited. For the 30% who voted for the opposition, the next elections is a time to reaffirm their beliefs.

For the 70%, there are those who have finally woken up from their slumber. There are those still sleep.

For those still asleep, this netizen is giving you 10 reasons why you should vote for the PAP:

  1. Vote for the PAP if they had shown a sincere semblance of accountability and remorse for inexcusable incidents like the escape of the most dangerous man in the region, with the most ironic name you could imagine for a terrorist.
  2. Vote for this ruling party had they been a bit more transparent about the state of our reserves, how they are being managed and if there can be clarity over who the reserves are really for.
  3. Vote for the PAP, when after five decades, they came to realise that having minority representation in the highest offices mattered. Never mind the “regardless of race, language or religion” pretentious bull crap, but we suddenly felt obligated to push for minority representation and changed the Constitution to fix what was never seen to be a problem of the last five decades of our existence. All this, so we can ignore the lack of minority representation everywhere else. Because now, we got a willing minority servant sitting at the precipice of our meritocratic democracy.
  4. Vote for PAP if they were more equitable in their rage at management and financial lapses as identified by the AOG as they are with the smurfs from Aljunied.
  5. Vote for the PAP whenever there isn’t any decent Opposition. I’m not a total fucktard who votes only on one side of the political divide without considering every little misdeed, incompetence or every word said by all candidates, incumbents or otherwise. Singapore is still my priority, not the party lines. Not many can understand this stance, though. Which is in itself, deeply disturbing and ironic.
  6. Vote for the PAP if they knew how to manage our private information and showed some sense of urgency when our collective data gets hacked into, instead of insisting that the stolen data were not important.
  7. Vote for the PAP when they can finally show an iota of decency, courtesy and respect towards those NSmen who had to die needlessly while in the service of their beloved country. I can absolutely understand that some accidents can just happen. Inversely, people need to also understand that there are accidents that can be just as well avoided.
  8. Vote for the PAP when they can even remotely display a smidgen of empathy towards our weakest and vulnerable in society. I’d vote for the them, surely, when they can finally decide that our eldest and weakest folks deserve far more than collecting cardboard boxes, selling tissues, cleaning tabletops, sweeping floors and begging for some respite. They all should not keep pointing to “available assistance programmes” to absolve themselves from admitting that these programmes are not enough, and that the increase in the visibility in numbers of those struggling is a serious cause for concern. The narrative that work keeps these elderly folk useful in society and maintains a healthy regime on their tired, old bodies needs to stop, though. It may be true to some, but it is a narrative that is inherently obscene and nauseous when others work because they have no other choice in life.
  9. Vote for the PAP if it were not for their audacity to admit that they’ve given out a substantial amount of assistance to foreigners to get ahead in life, when not all Singaporeans are even accorded the same consideration. I would not begrudge foreigners from receiving scholarships and awards from our country, as long as every Singaporean is given that same privilege of a free education, first.
  10. Vote for the PAP when their rabid supporters can completely understand the implications when someone else takes over the helm and inherits the same power, control and influence the PAP now wield. Perhaps it’s difficult to fathom the very possibility, for the very idea itself could prove to be as frightening to the PAP and their supporters as how there are Singaporeans who are afraid of them.
  11. Vote for the PAP if they can just convince me that they are more concerned about the citizens than they are about their remuneration to govern the country. If service to our country has an intrinsic value, then perhaps we need to reconsider how much we pay our fine men and women in uniform as well. Or the social workers. Or the preschool teachers. Don’t forget the nurses. Then there’s the sanitation workers. Or every old folk that still needs to work to put one decent meal on their table.

I would definitely vote for the PAP. My only problem is that, unfortunately, I have this fucked up little thing called a conscience. That’s what I’m struggling with.

Maybe I can get rid of this repulsive, niggly thing, like how so many already easily have.

Then I’ll definitely vote for the PAP.

Will you?

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