PAP has lost their fucking minds. They are so hell bent on clamping down on what they call "fake news" that they appear to have all sense of morality and basic decency. 

For fuck's sake, the hawker is dead. Give the old man a break. Show the family some respect.

But this PAP MP Seah Kian Peng...cannot resist the temptation to score political points. Somebody badly wants to become Minister is it? No personal condolences to the family of the deceased on his FB but can take the time to take a fucking pot shot at The Independent Sg for spreading "fake news".

Hello!!!! Somebody died. That's not fake news. Yet you and your brainless followers at NTUC Foodfare still think its empathetic and compassionate to defend your arses first. 


Why did the man have to die? Even if there was no requests to shorten the opening hours, why the fuck did he have to open the stall for so long in the first place?

Do you want your MPs to be be so bloody cold and calculated? You need a human being with good morals and ethics, that's what you need. Remember this when election comes.




The writer, Kevin, has no filter.

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