The latest MRT map released by the LTA this past week shows that by 2030, Singapore's MRT line will more than double, maybe indicating that the move to accommodate a heavier load of passengers are on the cards, as Singapore moves towards a 10 million population figure.

And it also shows how confusing it can get now when all the lines are operational by 2030. Three new lines are going to be constructed, namely the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL), the Jurong Region Line (JRL) and the Cross Island Line (CRL), while the Downtown Line (DTL), the North East Line (NEL) and the Circle Line (CCL) will have extensions added to the existing routes. 

And according to LTA, all the new lines and extensions are expected to be completed by 2030. Makes one wonder with more new lines, will there also mean more news of train breakdowns and disruptions?

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