The seemingly racist behaviour of a local Chinese car-salesgirl triggered a prospective customer, a young Malay couple.

They went to the JDM Collection roadshow in Yishun as they were interested to look at a suitable car for themselves.


As the other sales representatives were occupied, they approached the salesgirl. However, she had a lazy attitude. She had an even worse EQ - she questioned the couple's ability to pay the downpayments and fulfil their loan. 

According to the husband, they were not the only ones who received this treatment from the girl. The salesgirl in question had similarly ignored other Malay families or couples, choosing to, instead, play with her handphone.

She however proactively approached Chinese families that walked past.

The livid husband questioned her suitability to work for such a reputable company. He sincerely believes that she is spoiling the company's image if she continues to be arrogant and choose her customers based on their skin colour.

Racism exists in Singapore. Just because we come from the majority community does not mean that it does not exist. There is just less of a possibility of you becoming the subject of a racist act. That's majority privilege for you.  

The aggrieved couple could have approached her superiors or her colleagues to convey their dissatisfaction. 

As human beings, we need to learn stop judging people based on their skin colour but on their abilities and merit. 

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