Should Singaporeans be afraid of supporting the opposition? In a speech at the Singapore Democratic Party's campaign launch, Dr Paul Tambyah recalled an encounter with a POSB Branch Manager who tried to avoid taking a photo together. 

Tambyah said that he was early for a walkabout and went into the bank after noticing a crowd there. He then took part in a lucky draw where he won a prize. His photographer wanted to take a picture of him and the Branch Manager when the latter requested for him to be cropped out. 

When asked for his reasons, the Branch Manager said: "You must understand, I got a young family, I can’t afford to be marked.

Nevertheless, he encouraged Tambyah that things will change when the opposition comes into power. 

Why should Singaporeans be worried about supporting the opposition or simply by taking a photograph with an opposition politician? Do we have to be yes men in order to survive? If we support the opposition, does that mean we are not entitled to the same benefits? Are we not Singaporeans? 

It is sad that there are people who think this way. It does not have to be like this and it should not be like this. 

Do not let the 70% or the high SES ministers deprive you of your own views. Singaporeans should be proud that we have opposition politicians who work hard to fight for us. Stand tall and support them, as it is the only way we can save ourselves from being squeezed dry even more. 


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