Since the very day that Nas Daily came out with his motherhood statement that says Singapore is a good example to the world, because the ruling PAP party has made Singapore almost perfect, one mishap after another happened to disprove his point.

First, there was the blackout. To Singaporeans who don't experience earthquakes and typhoons, the lost of electricity in the dead of the night when most Sinkies are sleeping is akin to a disaster. Then came the MRT breakdown two days in a row. But MRT breakdowns Singaporeans are used to. Now, latest mishap to happen in Perfect Singapore was an SIA plane that hit an aerobridge at Changi Airport. The plane was carrying 272 passengers and 12 crews on the journey to Ho Chi Minh City, but its front body hit one of the aerobridges that had been used for boarding the plane.

Thankfully, all passengers and crew disembarked safely, and continued on their journey 2 hours later. So, Nas Daily has somehow managed to put some sort of curse on Perfect Singapore.

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