In a video taken by the husband of a lady cyclist, the woman had a fall as a bus came too close to her as she was riding on the road at Choa Chu Kang. The incident happened on Sunday morning, and it was all captured by the husband as he was riding ahead of her.

The husband, Johnson Ang said that as they were travelling in a single file formation on the road, a coach was seen slowly driving up towards them. As the coach drew ever closer to his wife, he noticed that the coach was driven closer and closer, even though his wife had kept well to the side of the road. As it came too close when alongside her, the wife had instinctively rode closer to the kerb to avoid the bus. This eventually resulted in her hitting the kerb and falling hard onto the grass verge. Mrs Tan apparently hit her head and suffered abrasions on her left leg as a result. 

The bus driver meanwhile, drove on without stopping, perhaps not realising he had almost killed someone. 

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