The following fight is as epic as the one in Avengers Endgame, except that it happened in Singapore. Instagram user lucaslohhh posted a video of two men fighting with a plant and recorder. 

The first angry man was seen swinging a potted plant and smashing it in the direction of his opponent. In an attempt to defend himself, the second angry man wielded a recorder. Yes, the musical instrument Singaporeans had to learn in primary school. 

Some people gathered around but did not stop the commotion. It was simply too amusing to watch. 

Soon after, the police arrived and the second angry man started to play music on his recorder. It was a strange but funny sight as people were awestruck by his odd behaviour. It was unsure if he was:

a) Drunk,
b) Trying to calm himself down, or
c) Charming his opponent into stopping the fight. 

He was arrested anyway. 

Thus ended the epic fight between Groot and the Snake Charmer.

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