Some people are just born without self awareness. In this century, there are still people who reprimand and judge people for having tattoos. Local Redditor unicornflai talks about her experience on the train where she met a mother and her child who were laughing at her tattoos. You can read the full post here:

"Today i was on train, ended school late and was rushing to work. Already half pissed for being late. Having 1 for 1 drinks promo at my workplace at starbucks today so it was super bz and there was lack of manpower. Addition to that, having my manager pissed at me for being late did not help with my mood

I was standing, leaning on a partition which is transparent (I attached a pic below) and beside the partition was a mother carrying her kid. The kid was pointing at my tattoos covering half my right leg and laughing to his mum. The mum laughed with him LOL (wtf right) and then he turned to me and laughed. Was already pretty annoyed actually but whatever. Tbh im quite used to ppl looking/judging my tattoos since im a female an have quite a lot of tattoos on my body. However i genuinely do not favor kids and would prefer as little interaction with them as possible so i just continued to scroll through insta

Picture of the train partition thingy

Apparently the mum got triggered and check out what she told me AND I QUOTE

Mother: Hey, my sweet kid smiled at you, couldnt you be less rude and at least smile back at him and get off your phone for once? It's called having basic courtesy

Me: Oh, sorry but i was busy on my phone, and he was laughing not smil-

(Before i could even fuckin finish my damned sentence)

Mother: I see, no wonder. Look at your disgusting tattoos on your thigh. no wonder youre so ill-mannered. Who taught you to put those things on your legs? Don't you know that your body is god's temple and you should never ever ruin it? disgusting.


I hate kids even more now

I have tattoos & i dont smile at kids and ta-da, im a criminal"

Who's the rude one here?

Full post on: Its a crime not to smile at kids i guess from r/childfree

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