The ban on e-scooters on footpaths will be fully enforced by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) from 1 Jan onwards. Many are grudgingly resigned to their fate.

However, there remains some who are more defiant who would continue to ride on footpaths illegally.

According to one such rider, he does not have many options as he has three young children to take care of. Apart from the income, the flexible nature of the job is also very precious as it allows him to help take care of the children when needed.

Some may feel that this rider is very self-entitled or lazy. We need to put ourselve in his shoes.

In terms of salary and flexibility, there are not many jobs available that can compare to being a food delivery rider. Like the great Singaporean trait that we are very proud of, this rider is just being pragmatic.

It remains to be seen how the LTA will actively enforce the illegal use of PMD on footpaths when the ban is fully in effect. They have made a mess of the enforcement previously and had to resort to a ban to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

Can the LTA do it in the future? There's no certainty.

For the riders, the payout is worth the risk. 

While the cat-and-mouse game continues, we just hope that no one else will be hurt in an accident with a PMD.



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