Nobody likes to see a dog getting abused, whether you like them or not. A video of a man abusing a dog went viral on Facebook recently. A lady who gave a backstory on the story said: “His kids were also seen, on numerous occasions, torturing the dog. Not only do they kick the dog in its belly; they used a motor leash on him, extended it to the fuller & let the dog run until he’s choked, then pressed the button to forcefully retract the leash, causing the dog to fly back to them.”

These group of people called the AVA down which took the poodle back with them to do checks on it. The dog appeared to be scared and tried to flee twice. On one occasion, a man by the name of Apollo Chan managed to catch the dog, which caused him to be bitten hard by it. These group of people hope that AVA does not return the dog to him. And we hope the same too!

There is currently also a petition making it's rounds online. This group of people has clarified that they did not start the petition and it should not be used to fund anything as the dog is currently with the AVA now.

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