Another fake news alert? NTUC Foodfare released a statement about a misleading article by The Independent SG, which indirectly blamed the social enterprise for an old tenant's death. It said that the old man was overworked even though he tried to ask Foodfare to shorten the operating hours. Turns out, the old man did not make any appeal at all.

"The article talked about an elderly who operated stalls 6 and 7 at the Changi Airport terminal 4 food court. We will like to clarify that we have never received any request or appeal from the owner of stalls 6 and 7 to shorten operating hours. The screenshots of emails shown in the article, also were not emails in correspondence with the owner of stalls 6 and 7."

It also got to know from the old man's son that the family did not make any complaints to the media.

According to the statement, an outlet manager noticed that old Mr Fong looked unwell and asked him to seek medical help. "Later that evening, we were saddened to hear of Mr Fong's passing due to heart failure."

As a kind gesture, NTUC Foodfare rendered help to Mr Fong's family by waiving his pre-termination penalty. It reminded people not to believe the "inaccurate and misleading" article that "contains several untruths put together". 

Looks like something is brewing.

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