The infamous Parrot Man of Singapore was up to his shenanigans again over the weekend, this time at Geylang Serai. According to the Police, they received call for public assistance on Saturday morning on October 13 about a man who was asking for money at 1 Geylang Serai.

Police said that when their officer tried to engage the Parrot Man, Mr Zeng Guoyan, he became uncooperative and refused to comply with the Police officers despite being given repeated warnings. Police finally had enough and arrested him. During the arrest, he allegedly turned violent and hurt two police officers. According to Police statements, he had been disrupting the peace and making a nuisance of himself over the past few weeks, and complaints against him have been made by the public.

Police investigations are ongoing against the Parrot Man, who once wanted to run for elections in the 2011 GE and Presidential Election, as well as the Hougang and Punggol East by-elections in 2012 and 2013.

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