Transport Minister, $8 heart bypass minister said in Parliament on 8 July that there will be a need in the future to review the formula which transport fares are determined to reflect the increasing costs of operating Singapore's MRT system.

Khaw told the Parliament 

As the fares paid by commuters do not cover operating costs, the rail companies are operating at a loss. In the latest reported financial year, SMRT Trains incurred a loss of $86 million. SBS Transit’s train division also lost tens of millions of dollars.

Many netizens have also questioned how the increased running cost has also resulted in increased record profits for SBS transit.

His talk about reviewing the formula comes after his talk on Friday which he said that the train reliability has improved and the NS Line is now as reliable as Hong Kong's MTR and Taipei's subway. However, just on Saturday, the Bukit Panjang LRT line broke down again.

Maybe he should just shut his mouth and pray that nothing breaks down.

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