Singapore Post has finally apologised after a spate of complaints. It understands that Singaporeans deserve better service but explained that the drop in standards was due to increased package volumes and busier schedules last year.

It said that the postmen were already working beyond their hours: "We hired extra resources, recalled personnel and activated teams from the corporate office on Saturdays just to meet the demand as well but our service quality still suffered as a result."

It also attributed poor attitude to the few bad eggs who acted in their personal capacity and not for the best interest of the company. 

SingPost promised to look into the complaints seriously in order to prevent future failures. "We assure you that we will be vigorous in reviewing and revising our operational procedures, so that you will receive your letters, packages and parcels without delay, without hassle, and most importantly, without frustration.

Please bear with us, as we seek your patience to transform and serve you better. This remains our commitment to all of our customers and we would like to thank you for your feedback.

From all of us at SingPost, we are sorry for the inconvenience and hardship caused."

A pity to the overworked staff but what's done is done. How convincing is their promise to deliver, really? 

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