Our 151 mainstream media has done it again. A few hours ago, the Straits Times published an apology for wrongly using another maid's photo in an article about an alleged murder. 

The article from two days ago reported on a maid who was arrested for allegedly killing her employer. The photo that was used, however, was that of another maid who was working for a Singaporean employer who is still very much alive. The employer was appalled and has since spoken up about ST's negligence. 

In a Facebook post, he said that he wanted to help his Burmese helper seek redress and clear the misunderstanding. She is not the same maid who was caught. It remains a mystery how ST had mistakenly used her photo even though she and the culprit did not look alike at all. 

Thankfully for the 151 media, the maid will not be pressing charges.

So much for fighting fake news when they cannot even get a simple thing right. You only have one job. Is it really that difficult?



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