Way to go, SBS Transit. An angry father slammed the bus company for rejecting a claim for his injured son. The mother and child were on board a bus when it abruptly braked, causing the boy to hit his head. The incident happened at Potong Pasir Drive. 

Instead of apologising for what happened, SBS Transit rejected the man's claim by saying that there is no evidence showing the bus driver's negligence. It reviewed CCTV footage and blamed it on the mother and son for not holding on to the support bars when the bus braked. 

"As in all moving vehicles, sudden and unexpected movements cannot be avoided. Therefore it is also commuters' responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure their own safety and guard against injury while travelling on buses."

Naturally, the father got angry as he felt that SBS Transit was simply pushing the blame to his wife and son instead of empathising with them. 

Moral of the story? Don't expect anything. Singapore's first world public transport is only safe when passengers hold onto support bars at all times.


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