We've met our fair share of rude taxi drivers. If you haven't, you're incredibly lucky. 

Unfortunately for a man's wife, she met one rude taxi driver who started berating her just for taking a taxi to Tanah Merah from Changi Airport after her flight. The taxi driver wasn't happy that the ride was just such a short distance away. Not only did the taxi driver acted rudely, he even refused to open the boot for the lady to claim her luggage and drove a short distance away just to make the lady walk towards his car again to claim it.

How rude can you be! She is still paying for your service. How can you do such a thing? You can read the full story here below:

My Wife came back to Singapopre and Boarded a Trans-cab taxi from Changi Airport Terminal 2 on 14th June 2019 at around 6.20pm. The car plate number was SHD5184D, but she did not noted down the driver’s name. He seemed to be in his fifties wearing sunglasses. The moment she got onto the cab and told him her address at Tanah Merah, he was very unhappy n buay "song " and expressed his dismay n frustration at the fact the destination is so close to the airport. He spoke loudly and rudely, subsequently giving an attitude throughout the whole ride by driving very fast and making sharp turns. When she reached the location and tried to direct him to her house, he snapped at her in mandarin, saying “Can’t you see there is another car!” She never rushed him to move the car but was just giving directions. Upon arriving he immediately chided “Pay money (还钱 )!” in mandarin again and after she paid, he just threw the change in a container making a loud noise. The worst part was that when she alighted and tried to get her luggage , he stayed inside the taxi and refused to open the car boot . Despite her knocking on the window several times and trying to ask him to open it, he refused to budge and had the audacity to move off with her luggage still in car. He travelled a short distance then stopped, making her walk towards his car to get him to open the boot again. She dared not stay behind the Taxi for fear that he might suddenly reverse n knock her down . It took him another few minutes before he bothered to get out of the taxi to open the boot and let her get her heavy luggage without helping her . She was very horrified and disgusted at his attitude at this point so she told him that she would be lodging a complaint for his impudent behaviour. The driver yelled profanities at her instead, daring her to file a complaint. He said “if you don’t complain, you’re a bastard” ( 你不投诉 你是乌龟王八蛋 ) in mandarin before he drove off. 

I will be Calling Trans-cab to look into this incident and complain about this ill-mannered gangster behaviour of the driver. I really hope that other passengers do not have to deal with such a ridiculous gangster driver anymore.

He is not Fit to be a TAXI DRIVER . I am deeply disappointed by the service that was provided by this Trans-cab driver. I will be calling the customer feedback hotline tomorrow to make a complaint.

I will be sending an email to Transcab n LTA as well so that serious action can be taken.

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