Hard to have opposition unity lah.

Two days ago, opposition politician Goh Meng Seng warned Singaporeans about a crowdfunding campaign for the Workers' Party's ongoing Court case. He claimed that it is a scam as the netizen who started it was not authorised to collect money for them in any way. 

"Most likely this is a FRAUD and I would urge everyone to be extremely cautious when you are dealing with monetary donations to unknown person, in the name of any cause". 

The netizen, "Frances Ng", later responded that it is not a fraud. She explained that she was simply asking people to pledge their SG Bonus as a gesture of standing in solidarity with WP. She said that it does not entail any actual transaction of people's bonus, so it does not contravene any law in Singapore. 

"he cant handle me so he muted me 

Strange that I can read but I can't comment for the allegations he made about me in his post... It is only fair that I can have access to comment. Be a gentleman, a man of principles, Goh Meng Seng!"

Who's right who's wrong? Or did they both act #InGoodFaith?

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