In a video widely circulating online over the weekend, a car was seen crossing the divider at a bend and knocked into a motorbike and a van in the opposite direction. The video shows that the car driver was simply not paying attention on the road.

The first impact caused the motorbike to crash and the rider flying across the road, and the car subsequently hit the van behind the bike. Camera footage from the van clearly showed that both the bike and the van were traveling in their own lanes when the accident happened.

Police conformed that the 19 year old rider of the bike, who was a Food Panda delivery rider and a 7 year old girl who was a passenger of the van, being conveyed to the hospital with with superficial injuries. The accident, which happened at Woodlands Ring Road, also had the van driver and the girl's mother taken to hospital. 

There were yet no reports on what happened to the driver of the car who caused the accident.

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