What would you do if you received feedback regarding your company's product. Accept your mistake and improve the quality? That's not the case for this particular Fish Supplier, 'Dish the Fish'. 

A lady, 贝贝宋 orders a weekly supply of boneless cod and salmon. She explained that she orders boneless so that the young and old can enjoy the fishes without the fear of choking on fish bones.

On a particular order, she noticed bones in her cod fish. She immediately sent a feedback to the company so that they would do more checks on their quality. The company then offered a refund on the cod. But that's not all. The company also told the lady that they would not be doing any more future businesses with her as they are unable to meet her standards. Can you believe that! The lady also emphasized that she paid a premium for the fish to be boneless.

Is this any way to treat someone who paid a premium for your products?


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