Who will be our next Prime Minister? Who will have what it takes to be our next Prime Minister?

In a corporate governance conference yesterday, Minister K Shanmugam dropped hints that the next PM will come from the PAP's Central Executive Committee (CEC). The PAP holds a party conference once every two years and elects a CEC. The event will take place later this year and judging from the positions different leaders will hold within the CEC, it will be an indication of who will be Singapore's next PM. 

Currently, the new generation of leaders are reportedly working hard, coming up with policies and meeting up regularly to discuss the future of our nation. 

Who do Singaporeans want to see as our next PM? What kind of qualities should he exhibit? Our 4G leaders may be working hard but is it in the right direction? Are they formulating policies without listening to the people? 


Most Singaporeans are looking for a less stressful and costly lifestyle. We want someone who can resolve or at least address our bread and butter issues. If nobody from the 4G generation has achieved that so far, what are the chances that this will be a change for the better?

GG lah.

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