Do you remember where you used to spend your childhood at? Are those places still around today? 

A group of Singaporeans started a petition to call for the conservation of landmarks such as Golden Mile Complex and People's Park Complex. They are fighting for these places to be gazetted so as to prevent them from being demolished entirely.

As Singapore progresses, our government jumps at opportunities to turn whatever plot of land they can into economic opportunities. Yes, it's for development, but is it necessary at the cost of our heritage? Are our high SES ministers too fixated on what they deem as "progress"?

If this continues, Singapore will lost a huge part of our culture before we realise that it's too late. When the time comes, will Singapore be a successful but soulless country? Will Singaporeans be happy? Will there be anything or anywhere else left to remember?

"We are almost out of time, but it is not too late. It is vital that we enact the gazetting of these modern landmarks before the sales are finalised. With the gazette, the development model for the new owners will be one of conservation, re-imagination and rejuvenation, rather than the traumatic process of demolition and new erection.

We believe ground support from respected members of our society who are not from within the building profession will strengthen the impetus to conserve the buildings. We ask you to join us in our appeal to URA to gazette Golden Mile Complex and People's Park Complex with conservation status".

Will you support this cause? Even if it means not signing the petition, do you at least believe in this cause?

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