A daughter was abused by a childcare teacher in July 2018. The mother has since made a police report. However, the police has given little to 0 response regarding her case. You can read more about it here: Daughter Abused By Childcare Teacher, Police Gives Standard Replies.

However, after the post went viral yesterday, the police has finally followed up with the mother again. This time, by the immediate boss of the previous SIO. You can read the update from the mother here:


I am glad.. there is indeed rainbow after the rain. The SIO immediate boss called .. we had a long chat over the phone. Though the reply is still the same, and that the case is still not concluded and is still pending investigation, and that there is a slight progress, but i am glad.. still glad and thankful that my gal has not been forgotten under a pile of files or up in some cloud storage system. At least he now knows abt my frustrations and where i am coming from.

I have agreed to wait for him to conclude the case and he will be the main contact person for me to check on the progress.

And for some of you here that thinks i should have waited 2 yrs b4 i rant it out here.. he feels that 2 yrs wait is indeed too long.

To another gentlemen whom i had exchange of opinions on using social media to get response from SPF, the immediate boss is ok with my post.

On regards to the SIO handling my case, he has been transferred to another team.. though they r still working together when it comes to my gal's case.

I thank everyone for all your inputs and i know some of u will insist that i pushed on to the end, i know u meant well and i know u guys are trying to help and want to see justice done.. i sincerely appreciate that..

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