How would you feel if you had to wait over 30 minutes from your food delivery personnel for a trip that would probably only take 10-20 minutes? And when the delivery personnel is reaching, she misses the entrance into your carpark. Most of us would be hangry, and understandably so.

But what if, your delivery personnel is handicapped and is delivering your food on a motorized wheelchair? Would that soften your heart? This was exactly what happened to a Netizen, Shahril Jantan. He made an order for I-Tea bubble tea from Tampines which was to be delivered to him at his house at Bedok Reservoir. He claims that the delivery would normally take about 10-20 mins depending on the mode of transportation.

When the clock ticked past 30 minutes, he slowly became angry at the slow pace of delivery. It made matters worse when the delivery personnel missed his carpark. He was so frustrated he looked out of his window trying to spot the delivery rider. To his surprise, the delivery rider was on a motorized wheelchair and he rushed down to meet her. He was so humbled by the experience that he also passed all the cash he had in his wallet to the rider. 

He hopes that the rider will continue to be an inspiration to able-bodied people around.

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