Grab has suspended the account of a passenger who went berserk against one of its driver, after accusing him of going too fast on humps and also accused the driver of hitting his pregnant wife.

In a video that was posted by Grab driver Md Aza, the man went absolutely crazy as he started scolding the driver for driving over humps in a very reckless manner, although the video clearly showed the driver was only driving at no more than 40km/h. The man then accused the driver of endangering his pregnant wife and unborn baby, and subsequently accused the driver of hitting his wife, although not once throughout the video the driver actually stepped out of the car. On fact, the driver remained calm all through his ordeal, and was even heard calling the Grab hotline for help. 

Grab has responded to the incident, by temporarily banning the account of the man, and stating that they do not tolerate such behaviour. Grab also indicated that they are carrying our investigations into the incident, as well as providing the affected driver with support. 

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