A girl took to Instagram to celebrate her parents' long-draw out divorce, relief that her beloved mother can now focus on her cancer treatment.

This happiness was juxtaposed against a darker secret. According to the girl, her father, an NUS IT Manager, was a sexual deviant with a fetish. He allegedly preyed on her and her young brother, had a sexual affair with the maid, and also used his position to prey on impressionable or vulnerable church mates.


If her allegations are to be believed, her father has supporters who would back him up and guilt trip the girl and her brother.


What's sad is that the adults around the girl and her siblings, did not take her allegations seriously. They were dismissed to be part of their mother's divorce strategy to discredit the father. 

According to the girl, the police were allegedly similarly dismissive of her allegations. Credit to the girl, her persistence may finally be paying off.


From the girl's revelations, it appears that the father cultivated an image of god-fearing, trustworthy, family man who dotes on his children. He used his position as an active volunteer with New Creation Church to prey on vulnerable women, such as those who were facig marital problems.


Not only that, the girl also found evidence of sex toys and costumes, revealing much about her father's fetishes. This man emotionally blackmailed his wife to have indulge his fetishes, threatening to find other women to satisfy his sexual desires.


These allegations are very severe.

In the past, these allegations were dismissed as the acts of a young girl angry with her father for divorcing her mother. Now that the divorce is over, that argument des not hold.

The authorities need to look into these allegations and ensure that the girl, her younger sibling, and her mother, are protected from this manipulative man.

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